Strong winds and big waves are forecast again tonight (Wednesday).

The impact should be similar to this morning but there is likely to be less overtopping due to a lower tidal surge.

Likely coastal impact:

• Dale: Waves overtopping the sea wall in Dale are unlikely especially with wind direction. Stop logs should stay in place however.

• Newgale: The road will remain closed. Waves overtopping the shingle bank are likely.

• Little Haven and Broad Haven; there is a potential for minor impact tonight

• Amroth and Wisemans Bridge: The intensity of the waves hitting the area should have decreased significantly. Wind will be cross shore so the impact is likely to be less serious than this morning

• Haverfordwest: unlikely to be issues.

Flood Alerts:

• There will be no warnings issued.

• Flood alerts remain in place for Pembrokeshire coastline with spray and minor overtopping expected due to wind and wave actions.

• It is above alert level for Dale (because of need to keep slipway gate and bungs) and Newgale.

The showers look like they will become less frequent towards sunset as the wind eases a little. A scattering of showers is expected through this evening and overnight. Road surface temperatures will stay above zero. The next area of rain is expected to arrive from the south during tomorrow morning.

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