A BROTHER and sister from Haverfordwest have shown that every penny counts, by working together to replace money stolen from a local charity’s collection box.

Twelve-year-old Lewis Vaughan and his sister Amber, 11, raised more than £20 by raiding their piggy banks and picking up loose change from the school playground.

The pair decided to raise money after local charity Pembrokeshire Sibling Group (PSG) had its collection box stolen from their mum’s shop, the Teddy Workshop, in Quay Street.

Mum Hayley said she had no idea the pair were squirrelling away their spare change.

“It was completely out of the blue, a really lovely gesture,” said Hayley, who was presented with the collection on Mothers’ Day.

“It just helps restore your faith really; it’s an awful thing to happen.”

As well as the charity box, money from the shop’s till was also stolen in the incident, which happened overnight on Friday, March 7.

Hayley said she had come into work the next day as usual, and was horrified to find a huge hole in the ceiling, plasterboard everywhere, the light hanging down, and parts of the carpet had been set fire to.

“I felt dreadful because I had to let local charities know the money was missing,” said Hayley.

Amber and Lewis have now presented PSG with the money, which will help the charity support siblings of children with a disability, serious illness or special needs.

PSG co-ordinator Anna Gambone said the charity was incredibly grateful for the pair's thoughtful gesture.

“I just thought ‘oh my gosh, what an amazing thing to do’,” she said.

PSG relies heavily on donations to be able to offer activity workshops and residential trips to children and young people under 18.

“The money goes down so quickly so we have to try to replace it quickly," Anna added

"What Amber and Lewis have done is incredible.”