An experimental traffic scheme due to start today (Monday), which will override some parts of Dale’s one way system, has been postponed for further public consultation.

Residents of Dale have called the scheme, which will see a two way traffic flow between the car park access and Castle Way, “an accident waiting to happen”.

However, a county council spokesman said that the scheme had been proposed for safety reasons and as a possible remedy to “continued abuse” of the one way section.

“In terms of safety the benefits are that motorists are likely to be more cautious when driving along the two way section if there is the potential for opposing vehicles, compared to the current safety issue of one way traffic meeting vehicles abusing the system,” said the spokesman. She added that the decision had been made in response to concerns raised by the community council and following a site meeting.

She said the proposal had been formally advertised in the press and on site notices. It would be monitored over a six week period and, if found to be ineffective, could be modified or suspended.

Dale resident and local boat business owner, Brian Dilly, said that the first he had heard of the scheme had been from the milk man a week before its scheduled implementation.

“Nobody knew about it,” he said. “It’s due to start just as the holiday makers turn up. It’s a massive health and safety concern.

“The road is narrow and at some points there is no public footpath so people walk on the road. It’s an accident waiting to happen. It’s going to be lethal. Someone’s going to get hurt or killed.”

A council spokesman confirmed on Monday that the scheme has now been delayed for further consultation with no date set yet as to implementation.