A former teenage joy rider who "caused mayhem" earlier this year by driving erratically across Pembrokeshire has warned others not to follow his example.

The 15-year-old caused minor damage to parked and moving vehicles. He was eventually arrested after crashing into another car, injuring both himself and the driver and passenger of the other car.

At a later court hearing he pleaded guilty to charges including theft, dangerous driving, and driving without a licence or insurance.

The teenager was given a two year youth rehabilitation order. He was also put on an intensive rehabilitation programme by the Pembrokeshire Youth Offending and Prevention Service (YOPS).

As the crime was high risk, the youngster was put onto an intensive supervision and surveillance programme (ISS) and was seen on a daily basis.

The programme looked at the implications of his offences and the impact of dangerous driving on both the victims and the emergency services, who have to deal with the after-effects of road accidents.

As part of the wider work done with the youth offending service, the teenager has produced a poster warning of the perils of dangerous behaviour which will be distributed to schools, police stations and county council offices.

At a four month review the teen gave assurances that he would not joyride again and would always wear a seat belt. He also apologised for his actions.

"By intervening early and emphasising the dangers of illegal driving, we believe this young man is sorry for his actions," said Kathryn Treherne, YOPS Acting Operational Manager.

"He has also learnt the lesson that actions have consequences."