Members of the public can get involved in the search for a rare bumblebee, the shrill carder, tomorrow (Monday).

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is hosting an event in Pembroke as part of shrill carder Week.

The Foundry House event is aimed at encouraging volunteers from the area to get involved and help spot this rare bumblebee.

There will be a bee identification training session run by conservation officer Wales Sinead Lynch and data monitoring officer Dr Richard Comont.

Volunteers will head out tomorrow (Tuesday, August 12) to walk designated transects across the county.

The shrill carder is a distinctive bee which can be identified by its pale grey-yellow colouring, black band of hair between the wings and reddish-orange tail.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust desperately needs volunteers in the Pembrokeshire area to get involved.

For more information contact Sinead Lynch on 07788 231 266 or via