In Memoriam

M Llewellyn

MAISIE LLEWELLYN (Maisie Moo) 26th May 2011 Our dearest Maisie, At night when we fall asleep, She is all we dream of, The one who's always at our heart's, Our Angel from above. We want to hold her in our arms, Comfort her when she weeps, Be there to tuck her in at night, Then gently kiss her on the cheek, We want to tell her sweet dreams, Before she lays her head to rest, Then whisper softly in her ear, To have you we were truly blessed. We want to be able to love her, Prove to her that she's our world, Then we wake up knowing, We're without our little girl. Our days without her hurt so bad, We wish we had more memories, But till we meet again, We'll wish we had you here with us. Mummy loves you Maisie, Sleep tight little one. Mummy, Nanny, Totty, Nanny Crundale, Nan & Granch, Ben, Gary, Amy, Liz, Stephen, John, Cath, Isabelle, Richard, Eileen, Les, Lauren, Sophie, Seren, Ceri, Kate, Abby & Kimberly. X X X X