An introduction first then; my name is Andy Chandler and I'm one of the lead investigators of our group. I'm a long time believer having seen and experienced a vast array of odd goings on.

A few of my experiences revolve around my time working as a companion to my sister, Emma, an ex-medium with the Pembrokeshire Paranormalists. She was in contact with spirits, I have no doubt of this in my mind whatsoever.

She did a reading for my wife, Felicity, and talked about events and people she couldn't have possibly known about. Her amazing gifts, while being impressive from the outside, really did seem to torture her, she said she was in constant contact with spirits (even in her sleep) and had no way to shut it down or close her third eye.

My job as companion to her was to try and centre her and calm her down when situations got over-emotional. At a previous investigation at Margam Castle she was being overcome by a particularly nasty spirit who seemed hell bent on possession of my sister.

She fought him off but needed a calming influence to shake him entirely. What happened next was bizarre, my way of calming her was to place my hand on her forehead to cover her third eye. As soon as I placed my hand on her forehead she flew backwards like a truck had hit her.

Seconds later I was at her side and she seemed unconscious. Other members of the group rushed to our aide and, with the help of Andy Taylor, she regained her composure and was able to carry on with the investigation.

This was not the first time my role as companion let me get a rare insight into the minds of those who claim to speak with the dead, I spent a lot of time in the company of Andy Taylor and still consider him a firm friend to this day. What I was able to witness was the aftermath of a reading, investigation or an emotional communication session, and what I saw wasn't always nice.

Often my sister would lock herself away for days after an investigation in an attempt to deal with what her experiences meant to her, she was in awe of her own powers and knew what the ramifications were. She knew there was a life after death and struggled to get her head around what this meant, not just for her but for the universe.

Many nights would be wasted helping her try to come to terms with her gift. Ultimately it was wasted as, after a battle with mental health issues she lost all mediumistic powers but, in her own words "you're only given things you can deal with"

So, there's a little insight into living with a medium.

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