So we’re a month into 2010, the snow has melted (although I have been told we have more on the way) and all the magazines are featuring spring and summer clothes, the shops are almost out of sale things, just one lonely rail at the back that you have a rummage through just in case you might miss out on a bargain! And on Monday I went to Trostre Park in Llanelli and actually found crop tops!!! It seems to be 80’s tastic at the moment, with head to toe bleached denim being a key look!!

So I’m going to give you my top looks for spring summer, if you look carefully you’ll see the stars wearing them already.

For nails there are two looks that are coming through, the first is pale mint colour polish, I’ve already seen this on Mylene Klass and it looked really lovely, I’ve already had clients having this colour it’s very fresh and the perfect antidote to deep dark reds, that are almost black,that have been back again through the winter. The other look is a bit more unusual and quite tricky to do, it’s the Reverse French Manicure........yes that’s right, you have the half moon base of your nail painted white and then your choice of colour for the rest of the nail,. The most striking way to wear this look is by having a dark polish such as purple or even a navy blue to highlight the white but I’ve seen Dita Von Tease wearing this look with red, which also looks amazing. The other option with this is when you have a pale polish on your nails and very dark polish painted where you would usually have white, which can also look amazing.

So with make-up for 2010 there are a few looks you can try out. The first is to embrace the peachy and glowing look, pale shimmer on the eyes, a dusting of bronzer and warm peachy/pinky blush and a natural lip with some shimmer, now I do think this look works best on blondes such as Sienna Miller and Kate Hudson, but if you make the colours just a bit deeper, look great on brunettes and red heads too. The other look that has been around for a while and is continuing into 2010 is the strong lip colour, such as deep red or dark pink with a understated eye. With this look keep to a neutral eye shadow, it can have a little sparkle, lots of mascara then line your lips with the same colour lipstick you’re going to use, I’ve seen Peaches Geldof and Lilly Allen wearing this look already. I think it looks very elegant, you can also change this look into the nudes look by wearing a skin tone lipstick instead, like Anne Hathaway does and Cameron Diaz too.

One look that I feel very strongly should be thrown out is the bright orange tan!!!! Victoria Beckham is the ultimate offender, a light, natural looking glow, looks so much better than the look sported by Katie Price (although she might have another transformation now she’s married Alex) I see a growing trend of A list stars going for the pale and beautiful look with just a hint of bronzer to warm up the skin, think Nicole Kidman and Amanda Holden and even Cheryl Cole is getting it right.

I also feel sure that Mineral Make-up is going to get bigger and better for 2010, already growing in popularity for its ease of use, adaptability, and great for all skin types, and, of course it’s natural!! But be aware that not all mineral make-up is the same; there are quite a few companies that add talc and preservatives where good ranges stick to the natural minerals only. I am a complete convert, obviously in my job I always need to wear make-up and have always used foundation and powder and to be honest I don’t really like how my skin feels and am usually quick to take it off as soon as I can, not with mineral make-up!!! I took part in a Ladies Evening on Friday night at the Cleddau Bridge Hotel and so many of you wanted to know more about mineral make-up, it was a great evening and we raised lots of money for the intensive care ward at Withybush Hospital.