Since we started the Welsh Assembly’s Climate Change Challenge, we have done a lot to reduce our carbon footprint here at the centre, but there is still so much more we could be doing.

We wanted to do something that could benefit the entire community. So Bloomfield, along with several other organisations in and around Narberth have come together to form a committee to discuss sustainability issues in our area – Narberth Area Renewable Energy Group or NAREG for short.

It is still early days, but once formed, the group will aim to devise new ways of reducing Narberth’s carbon footprint and educate others to consider living a low carbon lifestyle. There are lots of groups in the area that are doing some fantastic work to promote environmental sustainability and together, we are stronger. By forming this group, we hope that we can coordinate our efforts and as a result channel our work more efficiently.

So far, NAREG already has the support of TransitionNarberth, PLANED, Queen’s Hall and SPAN ARTS, which is extremely positive. Hopefully, NAREG will continue to grow and recruit more groups, and local business, and we can really play our part in helping Wales to achieve its target of reducing carbon emissions by 3%. The response we have had so far is encouraging and it suggests that the whole community is behind the project. It is all well and good doing positive work in isolation, but by combining our efforts we can get the best results possible.

There is a lot that people can do in their everyday lives and we can all play our part in helping the country become more sustainable. It can sometimes be hard to see the significance of cycling to work or using a washing up bowl, but as part of a wider network it is much easier to see how individual actions can lead to long term change.

At Bloomfield, we certainly think we are doing our bit. In the next couple of weeks we are going to receive a new water butt from Welsh Water, which among other things can help to clean our community dial-a-bus.

Will keep you posted on all the developments at NAREG as and when they happen. In the meantime, if you have any ideas or tips for carbon saving that we could do for the Climate Change Challenge, please let the centre know about them – we would love to hear from you!

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