It’s been a busy month at Bloomfield and as the Challenge is coming to an end, we have all been looking back on the fantastic things we’ve achieved throughout our journey.

The Bloomfield After School Club has been busy making prints and painting fruit and vegetables. Some of the fruit and vegetables grown at the centre have been used to show people the process of how they decompose and can be recycled or used for compost.

Coming up in the next few months, Transition Narberth will come onsite again to plant more fruit and nut trees. Apples already growing onsite will also be available to the community for free in the autumn so do come along for your fresh fruit fix!

Something to keep your eyes peeled for: Narberth Area Renewable Energy Group (NAREG) of which Bloomfield is a member, have composed a questionnaire to gauge local interest in supporting renewable energy generation in local community buildings. The questionnaire will be distributed locally within the next month and at the Narberth Food Festival in September. It would be great to hear your thoughts.

Exciting news from NDCSA the association that operate Bloomfield: they are now very close to establishing a suitable company to design and build the proposed new community and sports hall at the centre. Talks have taken place with a number of companies regarding an environmentally friendly building to replace the current air dome. It is possible that renewable energy generation equipment will be fitted at the new building to help supply the existing centre. Keep an eye out for the announcement…

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