FISHGUARD'S Climate Change Champion has been showing her school friends how to reduce their carbon footprint while doing the chores.

Ellie Meopham, 15, from Goodwick, was recently appointed as one of five Climate Change Champions for Wales by the Welsh Assembly Government. Ellie has been encouraging her friends, family and community to save water when washing-up, by filling the bowl rather than keeping the tap running.

A running tap can waste six litres of water in one minute, which can fill a small bath after 10 minutes.

Throughout 2011, Ellie will be busy communicating 11 actions that people in her community can do to reduce their carbon footprint. Ellie is urging locals to pledge to do at least three of the actions, such as using a washing up bowl instead of running the tap when doing dishes, or walking and cycling more. People can get involved at

Ellie said: “Using a washing up bowl instead of running a tap and avoiding half loads of washing are really simple actions that everyone can do without disrupting their lives. From 2011, the Welsh Assembly Government has set ambitious targets for Wales to reduce carbon emissions by 3% each year and everyone can play their part in helping us achieve this.

“I don’t think people realise how much water is wasted when running the tap for a couple of minutes. There are many simple ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and being mindful of how much water, especially hot water, we use is just one of them.”

Ellie gave friend and neighbour Lucy Hurst, 16, a pupil at Ysgol Preseli, a helping hand with her chores and demonstrated how to save water and energy in the process.

Lucy said: “It had never really occurred to me about how much water is wasted when I run the tap. I’ve now also stopped leaving the tap running when I brush my teeth in a bid to stop wasting water and reduce my carbon footprint.”

Ellie is hoping to link up with her local community over the coming year in order to help spread the positive message about actions that everyone can do to help tackle climate change.

Why not play your part and pledge to three of the 11 actions today? Find out more at .

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