Hi All, Since my last blog I’ve been busy encouraging my friends, family and community to save water. Simple things collectively can make a big difference, especially if we all do them!

When washing up or preparing vegetables use a bowl rather than run the tap. Running the hot tap not only wastes water but also energy used to heat it. If the tap is left running it is said that around six litres of water a minute will be wasted. The same principle can be used when brushing your teeth – just think about how much water is wasted if everyone left the tap running for two minutes twice a day!

Another tip for saving water, why not avoid doing half loads of washing? Half loads often use more than half the energy of full loads even when using the special setting. Why don’t you try challenging your family to do one less clothes wash a week?

There have been some exciting developments in Pembrokeshire for climate change. Fishguard and Goodwick are piloting a scheme to turn 14,000 street lights off in rural areas where few pedestrians and motorists go between midnight and 5:30am. To celebrate this initiative I was given the opportunity to go on S4C’s programme, Ffeil to talk about this. The programme was shown on Friday 25 March at 4:50pm.

This initiative will not only reduce our carbon footprint but will help save £250,000 a year on energy bills. This will definitely help Wales in reaching its ambitious targets of 3% annual carbon emissions reduction.

Tip for the month: Why don’t you try car sharing or starting a car sharing club? You can spread the cost of fuel and the stress of driving. Make it official and pledge online www.walescarbonfootprint.gov.uk/11actions

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