All about the A's

All about the A's

All about the A's

All about the A's

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'This month is all about the letter A - autumn walks, apple crumble and A rated appliances! Swap your old expensive appliance for a new energy saving, money saving A rated appliance!'

It's the time of year again where it begins to get chilly, however the blackberries are also beginning to appear, and that makes up for it! This month I want to talk about replacing G rated appliances with A rated ones. Some of you may not have a clue as to what I'm on about, so I'll briefly explain what on earth it is I am talking about….

All appliances are rated in terms of their energy efficiency. An A rated appliance is very energy efficient and is the best possible appliance for you. It will save you money and also help you drop a size in your carbon footprint. G rated appliances on the other hand are bad. Very bad. G rated appliances guzzle energy, and gnaw steadily at your pocket.

My message is very simple. Replace your G, F, E, D, C and B rated appliances with A rated ones whenever you can!

This doesn't mean going out and bankrupting yourself by replacing all of your appliances in one go. All I'm saying is next time the plumber or electrician gently breaks it to you that your appliance isn't going to last the month, buy an A rated appliance as a replacement. This is all in your own interest. An A rated appliance uses much less energy to run than any others, and with rising energy prices, don’t you want to be using the least amount of energy possible? Simple.

Over and out.

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