The first six weeks or so of this year have been imbued with the essence of patience for me. Doing nothing, whilst waiting for others to do something has, in fact, shown me that even when you remain perfectly still there will still be circles of movement around you.

Sometimes it's possible just to tread water and not have to make a splash, and yet still be surrounded by the waves generated by others. Some might gently rise beneath you affording you a few moments of unexpected buoyancy; others might surprisingly spray you in the face. Then there are the waves which gently lap around your chin whilst the sun warms your cheek. These are probably my favourite!

Of course there will always be the time when you feel that you have been swept out to sea by a raging storm. You will, no doubt, experience those moments when you glimpse the safety of the shoreline. However, the rhythm of the waves will always lead you somewhere and the horizon is your only limit. From crest to crash and wipeout, to the gentlest ebb and flow, we really only have one choice - to go with it!

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