I have spent an amazing weekend at the West Wales Health Show in Haverfordwest, offering free crystal therapy tasters. It was very well attended, despite our fears that everybody would head for the beach! It gave people the chance to try new therapies, and, for me, to meet new clients and to help improve their physical and emotional health, oh, and to catch up with old friends!

The main complaint of the majority of my clients was stress and anxiety, which tends to cause headaches and neck pain and tension. Stress is such a common condition, affecting all of us in some way. A certain amount of stress is necessary to motivate and drive us, but, for many of us, there is a fine line between necessary stress, and overload! When we experience overload, it affects every area of our life, and can quickly undermine our emotional and physical health. Crystals which help with coping with stress and anxiety are widely available, the ones I recommend are citrine and amethyst. You can carry them as tumblestones in your pocket, put them under your pillow or at your bedside. They are both members of the quartz family, so can be kept happily together. They need to be energetically cleansed regularly, and charged. To find out more about how to use crystals to help you, please contact me directly, the easiest way is to email me – kaz7323@yahoo.co.uk

There are other things you can do to alleviate stress, such as taking a few minutes every day to connect with nature, just by going into your garden, or taking a walk. Take some deep breaths of fresh air, and with each exhale of breath, imagine any stress you are feeling being released from you. At the same time, physically relax your shoulders with each exhale. It is important to remember that it is not always possible to remove the cause of the stress, but, it is possible for you to change how you cope with it.

The weather has been so glorious; it makes you feel so much better. Even though I have spent all weekend indoors, it was so good knowing that the sun was shining. My children are back to school this week, I have had a fantastic Easter break, enjoying plenty of quality time with my family, made better by the early warmth and joy of the sun.

My eldest daughter has been away in Germany for all the holidays, and has suffered cold and wet weather, making me all the more grateful for our sunshine. It is so easy to moan about what we haven’t got, it makes such a difference to show thanks for what we do have, and count our blessings.