Where does the time go? With half term, bank holidays, and the lovely weather, I have not managed a blog for a little while! In our busy lives, dashing around, always on the go with work, family, running a home and fulfilling the many roles we have, it is difficult to find anytime for ourselves. We are advised that we should find some ‘me’ time, but it isn’t that easy.

As beneficial as it is, there are many restrictions preventing us going to a spa, or salon for a massage or holistic therapy. If we do manage to, and there are many reasons why we should, it is certainly not something we can do daily.

Meditation is something that requires nothing other than you, and a quiet corner. It can be done daily, and only requires a minimum of ten minutes. It is about finding an oasis of peace in our busy, demanding lives. There are many health benefits from meditation, and various studies have been carried out supporting the emotional, mental and physical improvements to be gained, such as reduced stress levels and increased alertness. It does take a little practice, but, the results are well worth the effort.

Some myths regarding meditation are that: 1. It takes a lot of training – it doesn’t! There is no right or wrong.

2. You have to empty your mind of all thoughts – impossible! With a little practice, you can allow the thoughts that enter your mind to be acknowledged, and then released; the thought simply passes through your mind.

3. The aim is to reach a state of meditation – there is no such thing! Meditation is a process, and the mind goes through different states of awareness.

4. You have to remain totally focused – you don’t! Focus does increase with practice, but, it will come naturally.

A simple meditation which you can practice immediately is to focus on your breathing. Make time for a 10 – 15 minute meditation each day. Take a few deep breaths, and make sure you are comfortable. Simply focus all your attention on your breath, each breath in, and out. Notice the rhythm of your breathing, the sound, the feeling of your breathing. Acknowledge any thoughts that come into your mind, and then let them go, and return your attention to your breathing. If your mind drifts to noises you can hear, or anything else, simply bring your attention back to your breathing.

Practice this daily, and it will benefit all areas of your life. If you are interested in joining a meditation class, where you can practice and explore different types of meditation within an informal, friendly group, please contact me for details.