It was recently announced that people in Wales aged 60 or over are set to benefit from a new boiler scrappage scheme. The new £2.5m scheme, targeted at those more vulnerable to fuel poverty, will come into force on 1 April this year and eligible applicants with an inefficient (G rated) boiler will receive £500 towards the costs of a new boiler.

This boiler scrappage scheme announcement by the Welsh Assembly Government will save hundreds of pounds for many householders who are currently suffering from fuel poverty. This additional funding underlines the Assembly Government's ongoing commitment to tackling fuel poverty and with fuel bills set to rise 60% over the next six years it’s unacceptable in this day and age that old and vulnerable people have to worry about whether they can afford to heat their homes.

Unfortunately this is the reality for far too many people during these winter months. By Swapping a G-rated boiler for an A-rated replacement could save up to £235 a year and will also cut greenhouse gas emissions.