I very much welcome the news that as a party in Government we’ve exceeded our target of delivering 6,500 new affordable homes during the term of this government, one year ahead of schedule. A total of 6,707 affordable homes have been delivered in Wales since Plaid went into Government in 2007. Two hundred and seventy two of those homes have been provided in Pembrokeshire, with a plan to deliver a further 180 homes in the county over the next two years. I’m very proud that Plaid Cymru’s Housing Minister Jocelyn Davies has exceeded the target to deliver the One Wales Government’s promise on affordable housing. In the 2007 elections, Plaid Cymru proposed a number of measures to tackle this problem, and we ensured that these ideas were incorporated into the One Wales agreement when we went into Government.

As a result of this scheme, people in Pembrokeshire and all across Wales have had the opportunity to stay in their local community at an affordable cost. The demand for affordable housing continues to grow and we need to deliver even more homes in future. With tightening budgets, this will prove quite a challenge but we are developing new ways in which we can attract other investment.

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