Having followed Gavin Stacey from the first time it appeared on BBC3, it has gained cult status in such a short time.

I loved the first episode of series 3 and like many, I was confused at the constant reference to "Owain Hughes ... and no, before you ask, no I dont!"

It was even being discussed on Wiggy's show on Real Radio, yesterday afternoon.

Still, with the wonder of the internet, it took seconds to find out the meaning of the joke.

Like the Agatha Christie play, "The Mousetrap", I am not going to reveal the answer on a blog.

However, you can Google it, or send me an e-mail at a.c.lye@btopenworld.

But please dont ask me about what happened on the fishing trip. I guess we have to wait for a few more episodes, before that is revealed, though I have some ideas in my head, which I wont put down on here!

I also loves "High Hopes", but have been unable to find any DVD's of the series. Are they available?

Please e-mail me.... Margaret John is a brilliant actress as Doris in Gavin & Stacey and Mrs Hepplewaite (aka Fifi L'Amour, in her younger days!) on High Hopes ....