I walked past the UNITE union offices in Robert Street, Milford Haven and the windows were plastered in posters about the proposed march against the Government cuts.

The posters were all headed "March for the Alternative".

The alternative were voted out of office in May 2010. Hammered would be a better description as the UK was heading for bankruptcy as expenditure was way above the monies coming into the Treasury, interest rates for money borrowed was going up and the fear was that unless action was taken soon, the country faced bankruptcy and the IMF coming in to sort the economy out as they last did under Labour in 1976, and the cutbacks would be even more horrendous.

No one goes into politics to cut services as its a vote loser, in normal times.

However, we are not in normal times.

Labour are well ahead in the polls, which is not bad seeing as they were hammered just 9 months ago and they still havent come up with any earth shattering policies on how they would sort out the mess, let alone ANT real policies, other than the ones that were discredited in May 2010.

So if the unions are marching for the alternative, can they please tell us what that alternative is and how it will be funded (and who by) and the effects it will have on the economy.

I dont like the cuts, but when you are rapidly running out of money, you have to take action or you will go down the pan quicker than the Titanic did in the Atlantic.

The electorate saw that the cuts were coming. Its acceptable that we don't want them, so its up to the Governement to ensure they are done fairly and properly, with the least impact, especially those worst off.

Its time the unions and the Labout party targetted an issue that WOULD get the support of the people. If they were to protest at the cost of fuel, I am sure we would ALL be there.

I wish I could work out the alternative, but my name is not David Blaine or Paul Daniels.

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