The washing machine gave up on me 2 weeks ago. My repair man came and quoted me £185 for the part plus £40 for his labour and therefore recommended I got a new machine.

I was going to go to drive to Curry's and get a new one and decided to look on their website first.

I have always had a Zanussi since the late 80's and checking those available, I was able to identify the ones with the largest drum (7kg) and rpm (1600) and found one was available at £100 off as an on-line deal only. So I bought it and paid for it, without wasting my time and fuel in driving to Haverfordwest.

After all, all machine are 60 x 60 x 60 and fit under the counter in your kitchen/utility room. You dont test drive it in a shop. You just assume it will do its job.

This makes me think that whilst we are concerned about the state of the High Street, jobs and the economy, I am of the opinion that there could be half the shops left within the next 10 years as more of us turn to on-line shopping.

The cost of fuel, parking and our time means that we can do more and more of our shopping over the internet and also get better bargains.

The cost of renting property and parking charges will see off shoppers, aided by the ever increasing cost of fuel, at a time when salaries are falling and most of us have less money to spend.

So what will our High Streets look like in 10 years time. I dont enjoy shopping apart from basic items as food and charity shops. I still haven't been into Next or Marks & Spencer. Whilst some may spend their lives shopping, I am not one of them. So will the internet continue to see more of us buy more on-line and other stores could go to the wall?

I fear it may be too late to save the High Street and we are all guilty.

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