I attended the exhibition at the Mariner's Hotel today.

I spoke to one of the people there and mentioned the Dawlish store that I bought some petrol at, on Monday.

I attach below an article I found on the internet and a photo of the stylish design. It looked a beautiful design and suggested to them that they could incorporate Welsh oak in the proposed Haverfordwest store.

Sainsbury's New Superstore Opens in Dawlish, Devon After a lengthy planning process, Sainsburys finally succeeded in bringing a new superstore to Dawlish in Devon, which was opened on 3rd August 2011.

The store benefits from Sainsburys long list of eco-credentials in order to make it a very sustainable store. On this particular project, Sainsburys have implemented a timber frame construction together with a structural insulated panel system for the roof and walls. An arching timber entrance canopy gives the store a trademark feature and public art will adorn the entrance wall. Further green credentials include a biomass boiler, natural daylighting and rainwater harvesting amongst other initiatives.

Procured under a framework negotiated design and build contract, Ward Williams provided Development Project Management services to the Client and have also undertaken a quasi Employers Agent role to assist them further on this £13 million scheme.

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