How safe are Airport full body scanners I was aware of full body scanners operating in some of our Airport Terminals; I also believed that we all had the right to refuse them, as long as we went through a thorough pat down.

We have to travel to Europe and had booked our flights well in advance, a few weeks later; I read an article about a Doctor who had refused to use a full body scanner because of the health risks ass ociated with them, and was subsequently denied access to fly, because of his refusal to comply.

Dr Tony Aguirre a specialist at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary declined to go through the full-body scanner on both medical and ethical grounds. He said: ‘X-rays are known to cause cancer and I think somebody will get cancer from this body scanner whether it’s me or someone else, but instead of being offered a pat down search as an alternative, the father-of-two was escorted out of the airport by police and not allowed to board his flight to Zurich.

It is now mandatory for passengers to go through the full body scanners before boarding their flights at Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow airports staff there have been told that anyone who refuses should be grounded.

In the US you can opt out of the scanners for a full body pat down. No amount of radiation is safe! it always is detrimental to the health of a percentage of recipients. These scanners have been promoted as safe by the manufacturers and our government experts, you must remember, the same government experts that said eating beef burgers and offal was safe, during the BSC mad cows outbreak a few years ago. Making it mandatory, to use these scanners, without the choice of a pat down, is a total disregard of our human rights. The authorities argue that it is a small price to pay for the assurance that we will be able to fly without being blown up by a terrorist. How many real terrorists have blown up a passenger flight? We were told about the shoe and underwear bombers, what a joke, and even with these two mentally ill individuals, they were both under surveillance by security forces and there is some evidence that they were assisted by our government staff to board the flights, even though one of the alleged terrorists had no passport. I find it extremely suspicious that our rights to opt out of the scanners have been withdrawn. It would seem our freedom and human rights are being eroded on a daily basis, all in the global fight against “false flag terrorists”.

We truly are a load of Sheep!

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