The weather was grey but rain stayed away, it was only the crowds that poured onto the dockside at Milford Marina today. Yes Fish week was well underway. Happy people wandered between the variety of trade stalls, food wagons and great entertainment. It was a carnival atmosphere with children enjoying the excitement of the inflatable’s and various rides. Bands were playing while people leisurely sipped there drinks in scenes like you would find outside a continental bar. Anyone could see that this year’s organisers had once again done a terrific job. The Party spirit was all around there was even a boat with a 3 man band aboard, playing while it scooted between the revellers. These events bring the best out in everyone, a couple of hours to forget your troubles and let your hair down. Let’s all look forward to next year Fish Week extravaganza. Well done everybody, it all went down swimmingly. : )

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