Charlie Pug seemed to be lonely and needed constant attention he wants to be with someone 24/7, so we decided to get him a friend, a baby Pug dog. We ordered him from a family in Llanelli, and then waited a few weeks until he was 8 weeks old before collecting him. Otis as we have called him is full of cuteness, he can quite easily fit on one hand, he seems to be driving Charlie mad, he will not leave him alone, constantly trying to nip him in the undercarriage. For a couple of days Charlie spent his time on the windowsill escaping this 8 week old crocodile. Otis is slowly becoming more sociable after a week of telling him off for chewing Charlie, our hiking boots and any spare thumb or ear that was hanging around by him, his teeth are like needles. I do not think Charlie is too happy with his new brother, he keeps giving us a look of despair, and as if to say “where the hell is this thing from, it was a lot more peaceful before he arrived.”

I am sure Charlie will eventually get used to Otis and will have many happy days chasing each other around the garden. A new puppy is a bit like having a mischievous toddler, you have to be constantly watching them and taking things out of their mouths, making sure no harm comes to them. It used to get me down when Charlie was always sneaking onto my knee, now I have the two of them jockeying for the best and most comfortable position on my knee. I hope when Otis gets a little older they will keep themselves entertained allowing me to have a bit of peace. I will not go on about Otis and his toilet training, other than to say we are using a lot of cleaning products. : )