TWO talented artists are joining forces once again to showcase a collection of their new equestrian work.

The 2014 exhibition entitled 'Always There Are Horses' marks the return to the Corn Exchange Gallery in Cardigan for painter Debbie Dunbar and ceramic Artist Valerie Price-West

For both artists the horse is central to their lives and inspires their art practice.

Throughout man's history wherever man has left his footprints, the horse has left its hoofprints.

Today so many people still have special bonds with their horses, and although the modern world has largely dispensed with horses for daily work and transport, everywhere you look, our history and culture are more bound to the horse than to any other animal.

All over the World, from the Parthenon and the terracotta figures of Xi'an in Eastern China, to Stubbs and Munnings, the horse has always been an inspiration for great art.

Valerie Price-West has been working on a new body of work for this exhibition, inspired by the World War I centenary and the sacrifice our four-legged comrades made, and 2014 being the year of the horse in the Chinese calendar.

Valerie said: "Another area I have strived to cover is called 'Letting Go,' a situation that many of us will have struggled and had to deal with and ultimately had to move on from.

"A heart wrenching time when you are letting go of someone so dear to you. A four legged creature who you have built an unbreakable bond of trust with. To build a partnership with an animal as intelligent as the horse, who would go through fire for you because he has complete trust in you he believed in you."

The exhibition runs until Saturday, April 26 and is open from10am to 5pm daily.