PEMBROKESHIRE artist Peter Rossiter is showing new work at the Oriel Joanna Field Gallery in the Torch Theatre, alongside ceramicist Poliana Bandeira.

Both artists belong to the artists' cooperative King Street Gallery in Carmarthen, and share a love for abstract shape and design.

Peter Rossiter produces landscape and abstract paintings reflecting his awareness of the west Wales environment. His artistic style and technique is connected to his curatorial work on Martin Bloch, (1883-1954), who was his grandfather.

Peter also makes sculpture and jewellery, is a keen photographer, and is currently creating a new body of work using an iPad.

Poliana Bandeira is a designer and ceramic artist originally from Brazil, but now resides in Wales.

She has a life-long interest in natural structures, their geometric shapes and their extraordinary diversity.

Currently her creative practice is focussed on the theme of metamorphosis - specifically the life cycle of butterflies; their forms, patterns and transformation from egg to adult. She is also inspired and passionate about modernist/formalist art and design, theory and practice.

Peter and Poliana’s joint show entitled 'Lines and Space' runs until May 30.

This extensive exhibition continues into the restaurant area can be seen every day during the Torch Theatre current season.

The gallery is open from10am daily (except Sunday), but patrons travelling long distances are advised to ring box office on 01646 695267 to check beforehand.

A list of all the upcoming exhibitions can be found by visiting the Torch Theatre website