TENBY Museum and Art Gallery will host a joint exhibition by Aneurin Jones and Meirion Jones, opening on Saturday, August 23.

The collection entitled New Work – Gwaith Newydd will be on show until Sunday, October 6.

Meirion hails from Cardigan and the vast majority of his work is inspired in that part of Wales. Latin America accounts for the remainder.

Although the themes are varied, the central one seems to be the female element associated with lakes and certain coastlines.

Meirion was involved in the teaching profession for a decade until he threw his hat in the ring as a painter in 2002.

Aneurin was brought up on a hill farm in Cwmwysg near the source of the River Usk in The Black Mountain, on the borders of the old counties of Carmarthen and Brecon.

His work seems to grow organically from the land and is seen as iconic art in the eyes of so many.

The themes which intrigue him are varied – mostly everyday scenes in Dyfed, but his imagination is fired when those scenes - the coast or a group of figures - are illuminated by the light of west Wales.

To find out more about the exhibition and opening times, visit www.tenbymuseum.org.uk or call 01834 842809/