Two months ago, Alan Rees-Baynes and the Torch Theatre asked members of the public to look at a bright blue rectangle and reveal what it reminded them of in just two words.

The work began when the first person responded, and more than 250 responses followed. These words have now become the work of art, entitled In Two Words.

Alan told the Western Telegraph: “The responses came from all ages and the innocence of some of the younger entries was noticeable. I did have a few multiple responders who really seemed to indulge in the possibilities.

“Each slip was numbered and then posted to myself, so they could be ordered on the finished painting.

“The finished work is two 8ft by 4ft sheets of perspex which have been suspended in the gallery. I chose perspex because the viewer can see themselves reflected among the words, or in some cases through the images, so they are intentionally part of the work.”

The exhibition runs until Sunday, November 28th.