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Package, City or Back-Packing holidays, Spain has it all.

There are many places and destinations located all around the world that will offer fabulous and amazing holidays in Spain. The main area of Spain is obviously the country itself. It has many different areas to explore including fabulous countryside, colourful coastlines and breath-taking cities. Spain is a magnet for many types of travellers including independent back-packers wanting to experience the traditional Spanish way of life to the typical package holiday makers. Many package holiday makers will generally go to the east or the south coast of the country and for the city holiday makers then Madrid is a very popular choice which is located inland or Barcelona which is located on the east coast near to some of the popular coastal resorts. The main coastal resorts for the British holiday makers are the Costa del Sol which offers the resorts of Fuengirola and Benalmadena and Costa Blanca which offers the resort of Benidorm which is a firm favourite all year round. All the coastal areas of Spain have magnificent beaches and also some very intimate secluded coves to discover.

The admired areas of the Balearic Islands have proved to be a very popular choice for the summer season. Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera are the four islands that form the Balearic Islands. You will find the perfect setting and surroundings on at least one of these islands no matter what type of holiday maker you are. The beaches on all of these islands are truly fabulous with beautiful white sandy beaches and clear blue seas proving a popular choice with many families with the safe and shallow waters. The typical Mediterranean climate that is on offer is perfect, hot and sunny summers and mild and pleasant winters.

Should you want to travel a little further then one of the Canary Islands would be a perfect alternative with pleasant weather all year round. They are located adjacent to the Sahara Desert just off the west coast of Africa. The Canaries have a hot climate all year round and are a very popular choice for holiday makers in the winter months as they offer beautiful hot sunshine when we need it the most and they are only a short four hour flight away from the UK. The Canary Islands are all volcanic and have a lunar landscape especially on the island of Lanzarote. Volcanoes on all of the Canary Islands are the main focal points and are well worth a visit when you travel here if you like to get out and about on holiday. Most of the Canary Island's beaches have black sands due to the volcanic regions, however, you will find the odd white sandy beach that are generally man made beaches.

If you take a beach holiday in Spain, depending on where you go to, you may be able to take in one of the main cities Spain has to offer as a day trip. One of the main and most famous cities, Barcelona, is accessible by car and is only an hour's drive away from the area of Costa Brava which serves the resorts of Lorret de Mar or Estartit. This could be an excursion if you take your holiday here in Costa Brava and is a must see too. Spain's capital city, Madrid, is very different in location as it is set inland and is quite far from any of the holiday resorts so is not easily accessible. Costa del Sol has so much to see and do when here and one of those places to visit has got to be a trip to Gibraltar. It is only a maximum of one hours drive from any of the resorts in the area. The island is British ruled and is home from home. Some of the very familiar things in the UK are here in Gibraltar for instance the police wear the same uniforms, there are many of the old fashioned red telephone boxes dotted around the island and there are also some major retail stores such as Marks and Spencer and Tesco all with tax free prices. It really is a home from home just with a better year round climate.

Whether you are looking for a typical package holiday, a city break or even an independent back-packing tour holidays in Spain will provide all of these for you, plus much, much more.