CARDIGAN’S Small World Theatre is to stage its second TRWCO event regarding environmental change.

Expert botanist Pat Wolseley will lead a field trip to Ceibwr Bay in Pembrokeshire accompanied by artists Fern Smith and Sean Vicary to look closely at what grows there and how it is able to live where it does.

The area has a special flora along the coast that includes flowering plants, lichens and algae living in the tidal zone and bryophytes.

Pat is based at the Natural History Museum and a specialist on lichens as bio-indicators of pollution and environmental change in Britain and South East Asia. She was brought up on a farm in Pembrokeshire and will speak about how her 40 year study of the lichens in the Pembrokeshire landscape can tell us about survival and loss over centuries of change.

Fern is co-founder of Volcano Theatre and founder of Emergence. She is currently a Creative Wales award recipient and artist in residence at Small World Theatre. She will lead a conversation in the role of art and dialogue in the transition to a sustainable society.

Sean is based in Cardigan and uses animation and moving-image to investigate our relationship with the natural world. He is also a Creative Wales award recipient and uses the flora, fauna and landscape at Ceibwr in his research.

The event on October 7 starts at 9.30am, with the artists’ conversations in the morning and the guided walk in the afternoon.

Everyone is welcome to share stories and experiences and be part of a growing discussion on climate change, sustainable living and building positive futures.

Numbers are limited to 30 places for field trip and the cost is £12, which includes lunch at Small World Theatre. More information at or call 01239 615952.