An international collaboration between the phenomenal Welsh harpist and a virtuosic Colombian band fuses the heritage of two great harp cultures in an evening of jaw-dropping rhythms and radiant melodies.

The incredible talents of Colombian llanera, harp-led group Cimarron and west Wales’ own Catrin Finch come together for thrilling concert performances this week.

The concerts at the Torch Theatre and Theatr Mwldan promise to be a celebration of both European and South American harp styles and will feature some collaborative work where the two traditions are fused together in a joyous blend of rippling melodies and shifting rhythms.

Ceredigion-born Catrin Finch is regarded as one of the world’s leading players of the harp. She was the Prince of Wales’ royal harpist from 2000 to 2004 and has enjoyed classical crossover success, collaborating with fellow Welsh composer Karl Jenkins and working with her own big band, CF47.

Grammy award nominated Cimarron is the most accomplished llanera group in Colombia. A seven-piece group, led by harpist and composer Carlos Rojas, the band has been working together for more than 20 years and has performed in Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala, Sweden, France, Italy, England and America.

The most striking part of Cimarron’s repertoire is the festive dance music called joropo.

Played on harp, bandola and cuatro, and accompanied by bass and maracas, this rapid music is sung with high-pitched voices reminiscent of Andalusian gypsy roots.

Catrin Finch and Cimarron first met in Caernarfon in November 2007. During an intense four days, they exchanged and developed tunes and songs from each other’s native culture.

Traditional Colombian rhythms saw the injection of Catrin’s stunning virtuosity, while traditional Welsh melodies became infused with a vibrant Latin identity.

Catrin and Cimarron went on to tour Wales to sell-out audiences, standing ovations and an ecstatic response that enveloped both artists and audiences.

Their stunning musical collaboration enjoys a compelling chemistry and celebrates the versatility and beauty of the harp and two extremely rich musical heritages.

The stunning musical skills of Catrin and Cimarron can be experienced at Theatr Mwldan on Monday, March 8th, or the Torch Theatre on Tuesday, March 9th.

Tickets are available from the Mwldan box office on 01239 621200 or the Torch Theatre on 01646 695267.