FISHGUARD Music Festival has always had an eye on the future.

It’s worth noting that most events offer very low priced tickets for young people. For example under-16s can enjoy concerts for just £1, while those aged between 16-25 pay £5.

Festival buses also serve some venues.

But it's not just about attracting an audience – the festival is also very keen to give a platform to young performers before they hit the big time – and even as a way of helping them achieve their dreams.

No one is more committed to that cause than Newport Music Society, which stages a showcase for young performers every year.

This year the Newport Music Society Showcase today (Wednesday) at 3pm at Ebenezer Chapel, Newport.

As well as violinist Molly Rowan Sharples from Brynberian the recital will feature two sets of siblings – pianist Siriol Jenkins and brother Talfan on saxophone; Sabrina Morgan and sister Elizabeth on piano and current Young Musician of Dyfed George Nash, now studying at the Academy Contemporary Music, Guildford.

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