After releasing a single for free through his website, Fishguard-born singer songwriter Julian Murphy will release an album in the same way later this month.

Julian, who now lives in Carmarthen, told the Western Telegraph: "I decided to give the single and the album away free to get the music direct to the people. I wanted as many people to hear my stuff as possible. I thought if they can hear this for free, maybe they will like it enough to buy the next album."

The album, Up One Day, Down The Next, is being released on September 17th. It will contain eight new tracks plus one bonus track from a previous music project.

Julian added: "The type of music I write, if you had to pigeon hole it, would come under rock music, though I have a very wide taste in music ranging from opera and classical music, right through to country and western, punk and heavy metal.

"I first took notice of music from a young age, five or six I think. My mother used to play records by people like the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley. I used to believe that the people were inside the record player and I'd spend hours looking into the record player hoping to see Mick Jagger or Elvis."

Julian said he has enjoyed receiving feedback from listeners who have downloaded the single, I'm Always There.

"I had many messages from people who heard the song saying how it touched them. It is very rewarding for me to hear feedback like that from people who have listened to my music. I feel happy I am able to touch people with my songs."

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