Brace yourselves for a brand new Bionicle® adventure!

In the arid, desert world of Bara Magna, every day is a struggle to survive for the Agori villagers.

A war would be devastating, so to avoid that, the Agori settle all their conflicts through single combat using the Glatorians, powerful warriors who fight for pay and for glory. Victory may mean honour for a Glatorian, along with new weapons or armour, but defeat means disgrace and sometimes even exile into the desert. But Bara Magna soon faces its greatest threat yet when a new tribe of armoured warriors, the Skrall, bring fear and destruction to the villages of Bara Magna. But without a hero to protect them, will the villagers survive?

Prepare yourselves for these brand new, exciting Glatorian (RRP £8.99) and Agori figures (RRP £4.99) as they fight for victory in the arena. Packed with amazing new features, these Bionicle figures offer a unique building experience, a distinct character and design based on the earth’s elements, cool high-tech features and weapons with firing ammunition.

Team up a Glatorian with an Agori villager to help your favourite Glatorian win his battle!

Presspack has two sets of Bionicle figures (with 13 figures in each set) to give away.

To be in with a chance of winning a set, can you list two of the earth’s elements? To give you a clue, the other two are earth and fire.

Send your answers, along with your name, age, Presspack number, full address and telephone number, to Presspack, Western Telegraph, Old Hakin Road, Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest.