Tenby Dinosaur Park is looking forward to welcoming new and old friends for another season of fun.

There’s a busy activity programme planned for the amphitheatre with fossil hunts, dino crafts, puppet shows, family frolics, treasure hunts, pat-a-pet and lots of clowning around.

You’ll also have the chance to try your skill with the big game hunting, drive in an off-road vehicle on the custom-built course, reach for the sky on the super jumper trampoline, take part in a round of volcanic themed adventure golf, and use the disco boats, orbiter cars and astra slide. Also new for 2009 is a giant T-Rex called Rosie, but she won’t go into the woodland trail — she much prefers the adventure playground.

The other dinosaurs have all woken up and are roaring in waiting on the woodland trail and waiting to see you, except for mother Stegosaurus. In March, a giant tree blew her over and injured her very badly, so she’s been taken off to the dinosaur hospital.

However, there are two delightful new baby stego arrivals that don’t have names yet. Lucky Presspackers are being given the chance to name them.

What would you like to call them?

Think carefully, as your choice of names could win a season ticket for you an adult.

Write the names down on a piece of paper and send them to Presspack alone with your name, age, presspack number and address to Presspack, Western Telegraph, Old Hakin Road, Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest.

If you win you can go to the Dinosaur Park free of charge for the whole of this season.

For more information, visit www.thedinosaurpark.co.