Tiny Tears is the UK’s most recognisable baby doll, born more than 37 years ago as the first fully-functional feeding, crying and wetting doll. Brand new packaging, features and accessories make this Tiny Tears the best yet.

Tiny Tears has enjoyed a continuous UK presence throughout her lifetime, meaning most mothers can remember owning their first doll. Mention Tiny Tears to mums of almost any age and they’ll instantly recall fond memories.

Generations of mothers have grown up with Tiny Tears. The new range has something to offer every girl aged one to six.

Classic Tiny Tears is the original doll, suitable for girls aged three and over. Feed Tiny Tears and she’ll cry tears and need changing. She has an all-vinyl body and limbs, jointed arms and legs and hair rooted into her head. She comes dressed in a pyjama set with accessories including a bib, feeding bottle, brush, dummy and nappy.

Teeny Tiny Tears is the introductory doll of the range, suitable for girls aged one and over. The doll is perfect for very young tots and the basic model comes with all-in-one outfit and matching knotted hat.

Teeny Tiny Tears Deluxe Set features the same basic doll but also includes a magic feeding bottle, fleece comfort blanket, sleeping bag, two-piece pyjama set and detachable pacifier.

There are numerous other accessories for both dolls, including several outfits, plus a changing bag, baby gym, electronic feeding set and bath set.

Presspack has three Classic Tiny Tears to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, can you name two accessories that come with the Classic Tiny Tears doll?

Send your answer, along with your name, age, full address, contact telephone number and Presspack number, to Press Pack, Western Telegraph, Old Hakin Road, Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest.

The Tiny Tears range is available now. Call 01480 414361 for stockists.