An entertaining street fight between former Shield members Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins proved the highlight of a successful WWE house show in Cardiff last night.

Much to the delight of an enthusiastic crowd, the pair battled each other with chairs and kendo sticks, before the popular Ambrose concluded the evening by getting the three -count following a high flying manoeuvre that put Rollins through a table.

And it’s fair to say the majority of the crowd went home happy, after an evening where the WWE superstars and ring announcer Byron Sexton made every effort to engage with their audience.

With another house show taking place at Dublin at the same time, inevitably there was some disappointment for youngsters who had hoped to see absent stars like John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, and Bray Wyatt.

But any despondency soon disappeared as Sheamus defeated The Miz in a match that really excited those in attendance. Both superstars cut good promos on their way to the ring, and despite his supposedly heel status, the hilarious Damian Mizdow had people chanting for him as he mimicked The Miz at ringside.

Interestingly, Vince McMahon then appeared on the titantron to deliver a recorded message regarding the current problems with the WWE network. The video brought some jeers from the more knowledgeable fans – but given the vast amount of young children in the audience, there was nothing like the negative response that seemingly accompanied the message when it aired in London earlier on the European tour.

Indeed, it’s fair to say the lowest point of the show followed next – as a six man tag between Los Matadores and Slater Gator failed to capture the imagination of the crowd, with Matadores winning a tedious contest.

Mark Henry then recorded a squash win over Xavier Woods, before Seth Rollins helped re-ignite the crowd with a video promo that revealed the main event between him and Ambrose later in the show.

Paige and Nikki Bella took on AJ Lee in a handicap match, with Brie Bella at ringside. Lee won a decent contest, but inevitably it was her and Brie’s husbands, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, who the subject of the crowd’s chanting – proving both are strongly over in the UK regardless of whether or not they are present.

But one of the biggest pops of the night was reserved for the Big Show, who defeated United States champion Rusev via disqualification after the latter’s manager, Lana, had wound the crowd up with her expected anti-Welsh promo.

Sexton then distributed some free WWE merchandise for the crowd, before Damian Mizdow returned to be defeated by Jack Swagger – leading Swagger’s manager Zeb Colter to again get over with the Welsh fans by praising them on the microphone.

The impressive Kofi Kingston then wowed onlookers with his signature aerial display, as he and Big E  Langston beat Eric Rowan and Luke Harper in an excellent tag team match.

And that paved the way for the main event, where Rollins did a superb job of getting heat on himself by cutting a promo mid match, and noise levels amongst the audience were high throughout as fans chanted ‘this is awesome’ at several points in the clash.

Overall, the match rounded off an excellent show. In recent times, the WWE had been accused by those in Cardiff of making little effort to engage the fans – an accusation that could not have been further from the truth last night.

The promos, titantron videos and efforts of the superstars helped raise decibel levels and clearly entertained both the younger and older generations in attendance.