Dynamo wants to claim the title of “extreme sports king” as well as “master of magic” – but there’s a catch: he can only do it with the help of photographic illusion.

And now the magician, who usually remains tight-lipped about how he creates his tricks, has opened up about how he has created a series of photos that seem to defy reality.

In the images, Dynamo creates unlikely scenes with the use of forced perspective, mirrors and props.

He said: “I used to ride a BMX as a kid but I was never that good.

“But we used like a bird’s eye view shot and some secret magic techniques which you’ll get to see in the video, to create a wicked illusion of me doing BMX.

Dynamo 'shrinking his friend to the size of a pint glass' Dynamo ‘shrinking his friend to the size of a pint glass’ (David Parry/PA)

“Extreme sports king – that could be a new title for me as well as master of magic. Because of these amazing perspective illusions, these everyday illusions, I could be the next BMX superstar.”

The magician, whose real name is Steven Frayne, shot to success with his TV series Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

The Bradford-born magician shot the photos with just the help of a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone – and he’s prepared to explain exactly how he did it.

“When I do magic videos, I keep the secrets to myself,” he said. “But with these they are kind of fun things that everyone can do and try themselves. And you are limited only by your imagination.”

Dynamo 'skating on a London bus' Dynamo ‘skating on a London bus’ (Matt Alexander/PA)

He added: “Being a magician, I’ve spent most of my life creating impossible looking illusions.

“So I’ve used some of the techniques that I’ve learned over the years, but used them in different ways to create crazy perspective illusions that really make it look like I’m doing something completely impossible.”

Dynamo 'floating above the London skyline using an umbrella' Dynamo ‘floating above the London skyline using an umbrella’ (Matt Alexander/PA)

A shot of Dynamo walking out of water was created with the help of a mirror to hide the fact that he was being supported from below – while forced perspective was used to create an image of the magician handing a glass to a tiny friend in the pub.

Another shot involved Dynamo apparently balancing on a bus – but this was created with the help of a tiny prop.

Dynamo 'standing on a ledge' and throwing a paper planeDynamo ‘standing on a ledge’ and throwing a paper plane (Matt Alexander/PA)

Now, Dynamo is hoping the idea will catch on.

I like the idea of me sending out my pictures of everyday illusions, but then my fans sending their own pictures and creating their own images,” he said.

“It’s almost like a challenge to see who can come up with the best everyday illusion.

“I’m hoping it’s me still, I’m hoping I don’t get totally beaten by the fans, but it’ll be really exciting to see what gets sent back to me.”