I AM fortunate to live in an area with a fantastic view and I am not very pleased when any object is erected that spoils my panoramic view.

However we have to accept that we cannot continue the use of fossil fuels in the way we do today and will have to more to greener alternatives.

It we want to reduce carbon emission we need to harness the power of the sun.

I do not like nuclear, solar panels or wind turbines, but of the three I prefer nuclear and I am fully aware of the problem of disposing of the waste.

I regret to say I have to accept solar panels and wind turbines, but stress very strongly that they must be situated where they have the least effect on neighbouring houses and farms. I do accept that if our future generations demand the amenities of heat and light we take for granted we have to accept that we have no alternative.

While artificial heat and light is important, we must not lose sight of the fact that food is more important and great care must be taken when any development takes place – be it housing, solar panels or windmills – that no good agricultural land is lost for food production.

In spite of my dislike I have to accept that this the way forward and urge those that can go down this road to consider very carefully before dismissing them out of hand.

However good planning and an eye to the future is essential or we will end up with bright lights but empty stomachs.

SIR ERIC HOWELLS CBE Meadow View Llanddewi Velfrey