I HAVE detailed my views on the Hywel Dda Plans and propose the following to save money: • Ensure that all board members and officials live locally.

• Distribute admin functions as centres of excellence.

Purchasing power would be much greater for the requirements from all the hospitals.

• Take back contracts ‘in house’. There is something wrong with management if it’s cheaper to contract out.

• All admin staff to write a job description which will be analysed and used to make staff cuts.

• Consider seriously a centre of excellence in Whitland (accessible to all). Leaving Withybush and Glangwilli for clinics and A&E.

• Analyse the Rochdale debacle.

• Each hospital need separate facilities for challenged elderly (eg Alzheimer’s).

• Use critical path analysis to discover bottlenecks i.e in Morriston Hospital.

If Withybush Hospital is not allocated as a centre of excellence, the staff will not find employment prospects attractive, so that staff shortages will lead to downgrading of the hospital.

Glangwili Hospital currently cannot cope, with car parking being impossible, leading to ‘no shows’. In a nine-mile radius from Haverfordwest there is about 89,000 population, compared with Carmarthen with only about 25,000 population.

The service from local surgeries is so abysmal that people would not bother to attend them and would go straight to Withybush Hospital, therefore clogging the system.

We have many pensioners and people on benefits, who do not have the means to travel. Public transport is longwinded, stops far short of the hospital and the pickup times are sparse or nonexistent.

Each proposed change should be assessed for equality impact i.e transport availability and affordability.

In this area we have two LNG facillities, oil refineries and a power station (with the possibility of a further power station being built). All these constitute a high risk. In a bad accident helicopters could not cope with the volume of casualties, lives would be lost getting casualties re-directed.

Forty-three million tonnage of shipping comes up the Haven Waterway. This includes 65 gross tonnage of cargo (30% LNG, 25% petrol and diesel).

A lot of money is spent on single occupancy en suite bedrooms (shop window dressing) which makes nursing very difficult, solitary enforcement is not good for patients.

M. R. BLACKBURN Buttermilk Close Pembroke