LOCAL residents have asked me to raise the issue of waiting times for the diagnosis of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I asked specifically about diagnosis during a National Assembly committee when constituents from Pembrokeshire have described how waiting for diagnosis of children with ASD is one of the most frustrating issues they face.

In terms of the draft budget, I asked whether the Welsh Government has looked at the financial resources in place for diagnosis and have they considered moving money to ensure improvements.

When the Party of Wales was is in government in 2008 we saw the launch of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Action Plan for Wales. This requires local agencies to develop services for children, young people and adults with ASD in Wales and importantly for their carers.

I will continue to scrutinise the Welsh government to ensure improvements in services.

If readers feel this is an issue in Pembrokeshire they can contact me simon.thomas@wales.gov.uk or ring my office on 01554 774393.