NO local story this year has been so upsetting as that of the man who left Bear the dog and the iguana to die a ‘stressful and painful death’, using the words you reported in your articles.

It was not only me that was so upset, but others I have spoken to, and probably most readers of this newspaper from the time it was reported back in the summer, to the recent court case.

I won’t mention the person’s name, but I am sure that most people would have loved to have seen the book thrown at him, or more, and he has now been sent to prison for 18 weeks.

Eighteen weeks?

I am even more livid with the law as Trenton Oldfield, who disturbed the Boat Race by swimming in the Thames, was jailed for six months for causing a public nuisance.

It’s ironic that Britain was complaining at the jailing of those involved in the Pussy Riots in Moscow, and yet we jail someone for six months for swimming in the Thames!

I do not even understand why Trenton Oldfield was imprisoned as no one was injured or died.

We are constantly told our prisons are full to bursting and with the cost of a prison place at £40,000 a year, it is a cost that you and I as taxpayers have to pay.

So Justice for Bear meant that the guy got was just 18 weeks.

I do not think that the law has really given Justice for Bear. The law can be a joke at times, and this is one of them, unfortunately.

Andrew C Lye

Woodlands View