I CANNOT join Cllr Mark Edwards in his celebration of the arrival of Debenhams at Withybush.

A stroll through our town centre should alert the councillor to the parlous state of businesses in town.

Carmarthen, whom he sees as our competitor, has Debenhams in the town centre adjacent to a large multi storey car park.

Our new Debenhams will be another notch in the death of our town centre. It would be good if our councillors came up with a strategy to save our Town Centre.

There is also going to be parking problems possibly with shoppers taking up hospital parking space.

GORDON DOUGHTY (former Haverfordwest town centre manager) Lower Quay Road Hook 


I HAVE read with interest the decision to site a Debenhams store in Prendergast, Haverfordwest.

May I suggest to the developers that they increase parking provision urgently.

At present it is difficult to find parking spaces even on ‘school days’.

Should such provision not be increased it will, most certainly, deter me from visiting the site and stores.

JOHN COLE Westhill Avenue Milford Haven