WHY did the Anglican church turn down the request for women bishops?

I am not a member of any particular church, but I definitely feel that this decision is outrageous and wrong.

Women are very faithful and true to their beliefs, they work hard to what they believe in. I doubt very much if the Anglican church would survive without the women priests and the general support of all women.

Jesus Christ saved Mary Magdalene from certain death by stoning. From that time on she followed the lord wherever he went. She was standing by the cross when he was crucified, and she was the first to see him after he was risen from the dead. She became a trusted person in his life.

Had Jesus Christ had a vote at the synod there is no doubt that he would have voted for women bishops.

This decision is grossly degrading for women everywhere, where do human rights come in here? Why not take it to the European Court for Justice in Strasberg for a final decision, in the hope that they would win. That is what they deserve.

May God help them through this uncertain time and give them and all supporters strength to fight this outrageous practice.

DEWI EDWARDS Arthur Street Pembroke Dock