AS reported in last week’s Western Telegraph, the turn out of voters for the election of the new Police and Crime Commissioners across the country was very low as predicted and there were a significant number of spoilt ballot papers.

Many have put this down to apathy or lack of information amongst the electorate, but I would like to suggest an alternative reason and the reason why I did not vote.

It is my view that the appointment process should in no way be politicised and that the selection of Commissioners should be based solely on the candidates’ proven abilities, experience, knowledge of the work of the police and their ability to listen to the views of the communities in which they work.

Indeed, we were told that it was not a political process, but it was very clear throughout the campaign that it was very strongly party political.

I strongly object to the new Commissioners being linked to any political party and as a result I registeredmyobjection by not voting for the first time ever. My guess is that I was far from being the only one.