REGARDING the new logo for Pembroke (Western Telegraph, November 21st).

I think the Pembroke Town Council were right to question the ‘new’ logo being put forward by Pembroke 21C and PCC.

What’s new about it if they are still using the Tudor Rose? I thought of my old Coronation School badge when I saw it in the paper and that’s been extinct for almost 40 years!

So what if Henry was born in Pembroke Castle? Surely we have moved on since 1457.

Might I suggest, as a Pembrokeshire town in a Welsh county, that logos, tourist enticers, and we as inhabitants also, be more modern in 21st century Pembroke (and the Dock) when endeavouring to sell our patch in this part of the wonderful land that is Wales?

Surely Pembroke has lots going for it other than castles, kings, and committees harping on about “what used to be” nearly five and a half centuries ago!

What I like about Pembroke is the shops all in one street, and the polite and friendly people who work in them – the residents are not bad either. Be like Narberth – cosy and inviting!