A RECENT report stated that only single percentage figures of the population actually donate blood. How sad!

I was proud to be a blood donor until I needed a transfusion and was not allowed to donate anymore, but I managed to make 54 donations.

The process is quite simple and does not hurt and only involves half an hour twice a year of your time.

The benefits to others in need of blood is a worthy feeling of doing good for others, plus you never know when your own children or family may be in need of blood selflessly donated by others. We get our blood free so why not give something freely back for your fellow mankind and save lives in the process?

At this time of year it is the time for presents etcetera, so why not give one of the greatest gifts which is cost-free to you but priceless to so many others by becoming a blood donor – you know it makes sense.

TIM MCMAHON Andalucia Spain