THE 2011 census reveals that Wales still has the highest percentage of unpaid family carers than any other region in England, this is a nine per cent increase on 2001 figures.

With an ageing population and people living longer, caring for a loved one is increasingly a reality for families.

We already know from research that the financial support for people looking after loved ones is not enough to stop families falling into debt and financial hardship. On top of this, families who are caring are facing a blizzard of cuts and changes to the benefit system.

Carers Wales and Carers UK have launched a survey to look at carer finances and also to gather further evidence of the wider impact that caring has on family life.

If you care for a disabled family member, friend or relative, we want to know about your situation. We will need this hard evidence from you to make the necessary representations to government both at Westminster and Wales level.

You can complete the survey at


Director Carers Wales