I FEEL I need to write to express my utter dismay at what I witnessed at County Hall today, February 14, 2014 - the day democracy died within Pembrokeshire County Council. A day that will go down in infamy.

I set off on foot, just before 10am for the short walk to county hall, a spring in my step sure in the knowledge that this was the day that our elected members would collectively all agree that the pensions payments to the CEO were at best ill advised at worst illegal.

This was the day Jamie, Bryn, Stan, John, Paul and Ringo would stand up and say “look we messed up this won’t happen again, things will change. The Welsh audit report is the kick up the backside we need.” Everyone would agree that due to the on going police investigation Uncle Bryn would have a bit of gardening leave until the whole mess was sorted. How wrong could I be.

The IPPG organised their own version of the Valentine’s massacre - this time it was democracy, decency and fair play in Pembrokeshire that was massacred.

We had a barrister from London (to sniggers from the gallery Jamie Adams insisted it was independent legal advice).

We had ‘dodgy’ envelopes being passed around - good job the barrister was still there to have a look and offer advice. We had walk outs, claims of cover ups.

It was my first and last time that I will attend - if that’s democracy in action you can keep it.

However, I must urge all the public of Pembrokeshire to at least attend one meeting.

It is without doubt Jeremy Kyle, Benefits Street, Mrs Brown’s Boys, Loose Women and Poirot rolled into one a bit of farce, plenty of drama, skullduggery, but most of all for the people of Pembrokeshire a tragic comedy.


Prendergast Hill